Bullet Journaling in 7 steps plus 1

I think I’ve been kind of an organising freak for almost all my life. As a pupil I could never start my homeweork if my desk wasn’t all clean and properly aligned. This still happens to me today. I can’t begin to work if I don’t have my desk nice and tidy. That being said I couldn’t keep the organising only on my desk, I also introduced it in my life and started using planners. I started using my first planner in college and I’ve been using it since. It helps me stay organised, keep track of my tasks, of the events I have to be at, of my habbits and also gives me a little feedback of how I managed things.

A few moths ago, while I was browsing the internet in search for possible planner supplies I found out about the Bullet Journal or the BuJo. It made me curious and I looked up for more info. I watched dozens of videos, tutorials and pictures od how different people use it. So after I figured out what this BuJo is about and how it is used I decided to challenge myself into setting up one to see if it works for me.

Step 1

According to bulletjournal.com, in order to start bulet journaling all you need is a notebook and a pen. So I took a herlitz my.book flex A6 notebook to transform it into my BuJo.

Bullet Journal


Step 2

After reading the instructions on the website previously mentioned, on the first pages of the notebook, I wrote the INDEX and reserved two pages for it.


Step 3

On the next page I put the Bullets Key. Here I wrote the bullets and their explanations as in what each bullet means for me and how I use it.

Bullets key

Step 4

On the next two pages I wrote the calendar for the curent year so I can reffer to it whenever I need to.


Step 5

Next is the Future Log. This is where you write down items that either need to be scheduled months in advance… or things that you want to get around to someday. I set mine up for the whole year of 2016 and I used four pages from the notebook for it.

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Step 6

On the next two pages I set up the Monthly Log. This is designed to help you organize your month. It consists of a calendar and a task list. To set up my first Monthly Log, on the first page I wrote the Calendar of Ferbruary 2016 (since January has already passed) and on the second page I put the Monthly tasks. These were supposed to be individual pages, but since my notebook isn’t big enough I had to merge them.

I titled the first page with the current month’s name (February), than listed all the dates of the month down the left margin, followed by the first letter of the corresponding day. Leave some room in the left margin of the page to add Signifiers (I left too little).

After I finished the Calendar page I continued with the Task Page, since I think that the remaining space is more than enough for me to write the Monthly tasks.

The Mothly Log

Step 7

Next is the Daily Log, which is designed for day-to-day use. At the top of the page, I recorded the date as my topic (20/02/2016 Satuday). Throughout the course of the day, I just added my Tasks, Events, and Notes as they occured (turns out I had only tasks).  Since I didn’t fill a page, I added the next date (21/02/2016 Sunday) where I left off and continued. As a little personal touch I added in the right of the date small icons of the daily wheather.

The Daily Log

Having done all the first 7 steps, my Bullet Journal has been set up, but since I like to give things a more personal touch I added a new step.

Step 8

Personalize your Bullet Journal. The Personal topic is where you write or draw everything that you want like personal notes, lists, trackers or even journal like in a regular journal.

I added my reading challenge list for this year (to challenge myself into reading more books), a reading tracker (to help me keep track of my reading habbits), a list of ways to improve myself, etc.

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Since I like to plan my entire week, I found a way to merge the Daily log with the Weekly tasks. I call it the Weekly log.

The Weekly Log


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving up my planner for the BuJo. At least not yet. I’m still using my planner, but I thought it would be nice to give the Bullet Journal a try. I think I’ll keep using them in paralel untill I finish the notebook.



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